BK Shoe Space & Textile Arts Center

Brooklyn Shoe Space

This week I took a Leather Techniques class at the Brooklyn Shoe Space. We learned some basics of working with leather including sewing, tooling, and working from a pattern. We started out with a small sample of leather to tool, stitch, and paint the edges. Then we chose from a selection of patterns and leather scraps. I decided to make a small triangular coin purse.

leather projects

When I got home I decided to modify the coin purse a little so it could hold some of my knitting supplies. I just added a couple holes to carry a darning needle, and otherwise it was the perfect size for stitch markers and point protectors.

leather coin purse with knitting notions

I am hoping to use leather to construct my harness, and am reaching out to the instructor for some advice on construction. The space also offers paid studio time, so I could use their tools and table space while working on my project.

BKSS visit

Textile Arts Center

I also went with Jingwen to the Textile Arts Center in Gowanus, Brooklyn. We talked to an intern who is friends with Jingwen and she gave us a tour of the facilities and resident studios. Her friend studied textile production before moving to New York. She seems like a really good contact for my work with e-textiles.

TAC visit

It was really inspiring to see what the artists in residence were working on, but my favorite part was searching through their library of fiber arts books.

Me exploring the library at the TAC (photo by Jingwen Zhu)

I am hoping to take classes here in the future, but I'm waiting until I really have time to take advantage of their studio space.