Coded Couture & Workwear

This week I visited the Coded Couture exhibit at Pratt with a classmate Jingwen. Both of us have been working with Soft Circuitry for the past year. It is still such a small field within the tech world, so it was really interesting to see what other people are working on.

One of the first projects we saw was an LED skirt by Cute Circuit. In The Next Black Nancy Tilbury, founder of Studio XO talks about "Tumblr for the body", which is what this skirt is pushing that idea quite literally. The wearer can actually play gifs on their skirt.

Jingwen actually made a dress that was similar to this idea last year. Instead of gifs, Jingwen used a Neopixel display in the dress to visualize data. She used a white crepe fabric with pleats to diffuse the light, which Cute Circuit has done as well. She controlled her dress with an iPhone app, while Cute Circuit used an iPad app, but it was broken by the time we were there.

gif skirt by Cute Circuit

Jingwen checking out the wires in the iMiniskirt by Cute Circuit

My favorite garments in the show were a series from Alison Tsai called Coding Non Stop. It used the garment as a form of data visualization. The artist kept a diary of her life and transformed it into patterns and textures in the garment making process. Overall I think it is a beautiful interpretation of the quantified self, and how we process the large amounts of data being collected. The pieces feel very personal and codified.

Garment by Alison Tsai

Coding Non Stop by Alison Tsai

I was very excited to see Ying Gao's dresses on display. These garments play with human interaction by responding to the wearer's environment with movement and light. Unfortunately they were turned off, but the construction itself is really fascinating.

Ying Gao dresses


Workwear/Abiti da Lavoro

While returning to school from the Coded Couture exhibit, we passed by this exhibit at Parsons. On display were a collection of garments made by different designers to represent work clothing from imaginary professions.

I think this exhibit was much more related to my Wearable Tech Design project. I love that each garment tells you something about the wearer, while allowing you to use your imagination. I hope that when someone sees my piece they can pick up on the character I'm creating as this "future crafter".

Dress for a Shell-Picking Girl by Nanni Strada

The Senses Cheat You by Mella Jaarsma

Extreme Film A/W13 by Issey Miyaki

Clothes for a Set Designer by Margherita Palli