Crafting Survey Results

43 people responded to my thesis survey within a week, which I consider fairly successful because I asked specifically for crafters. This was very helpful because it really broadened my base for user testing.

The green area represents my super users. These are the people that really enjoy the craft already. I can give these people the tools and get a very immediate comparison to their craft, as well as tap into what draws them to that craft.

The teal and blue areas represent people who probably learned the craft at some point, but don't necessarily feel passionate about it. This means that I can test with them and I don't have to teach them the craft. It also means there is room for behavioral change. My project could help them reconnect or find a new connection to their work.

I was expecting that most of these crafts were learned at a young age. It's helpful to see how many people learned crafts as children. These people may be more inclined to pick up other crafts.

I was surprised by how many people picked up their craft between 13 and 18. Between these ages people become more socially aware, and tend to follow what their friends are doing. For me, sewing and crafting in high school was something I really enjoyed, but it wasn't very common.

I am really interested in 19 and up because these people are most likely were self-driven in their crafts. I think these people will benefit the most from my project as a mindful experience and as a learning tool.

Since women are no longer expected by society to pick up these crafts as young girls, we may see a large shift in what stage in life people learn these crafts. They will likely pick the crafts up in young adulthood when they start to have leisure time and drive to teach themselves.

This visualization isn't entirely accurate since I had to make some assumptions based on the short answer responses. There is still a large bias towards female relatives as teachers of these crafts. Many people, to my surprise actually took classes in school that taught crafts.

The area I'm most interested in are workshops and self-taught. I think these will see a big change as online resources become more accessible, and the role of crafting continues to evolve.