Cursor Party - Midterm Proposal

For my Live Web mid-term project I will be working with HTML5 canvas and WebSockets to create an collaborative drawing app using the magic of glitter cursors.


While working in MS-paint style canvases, I was reminded of another time in my youth, a time when everyone had really great cursors. Real talk. When sharing this idea with friends, it seems like a pervasive nostalgia. Glitter cursors are a universal language. And, in case you were wondering, the cursor business is alive and well in the part of the internet that still makes Myspace themes.

Here is a picture of a cursor being created. When you think what people can do in a 31 x 23 pixel canvas, it's pretty majestic.

Homer Cursor in progress

I would also really like to reference pixel art and old computer icons.

I didn't have my own computer growing up, so I didn't get to customize all my icons, but I was quite envious of my friends who did. There was really so much potential, and time to waste waiting for AOL to screech its way open.

My biggest inspiration for this project is the work of Tara Sinn. I loved her projects Remoji and Happy Happy Hardcore.

Tara Sinn Remoji

Tara Sinn Happy Happy Hardcore

I was also inspired by, which lets you draw with ducks. I am aiming for something less flashy and more collaborative.
Duck Canvas