Homemade Hardware - Mideterm Proposal

For my Homemade Hardware midterm I plan to build a development board with built-in sound. Recently I worked on a project where I needed to connect an electret mic op amplifier to an Arduino Gemma. I was using it as a tool to teach a class about soft circuitry.

working bowtie circuit

I attempted to sew the entire circuit together, but there was too much resistance from the conductive thread, and the circuit kept shorting.

shorting sewn circuit

The circuit ended up needing a lot of soldering because of the mic, which I think added a lot of complexity for the students.

soldering Gemmas

My goal with this board is to create something that would allow newcomers to get started with sound. I would still like to include sew pads so the user could easily add Neopixles, LEDs, or any other digital output by sewing it on.

Mic + Gemma


The design is really important to me. I will need to include sew pads, which adds some complexity to the board layout. I am really interested in how Leah Buechley developed the LilyPad.

Lilypad history

I also really like how the entire LilyPad collection looks together. Shaun thinks I'm not going to blog about him. That's a fool's game.

LilyPad and accessories