Prototyping Wearable Utility (part 2)

Posture Harness

While looking for inspiration for my project, a friend mentioned that she had a posture correcting harness. I was really interested in trying it out, because posture is so important to body language. If my harness can also somehow improve the posture of the wearer, it would help the her embody the confident craft warrior of the future.

trying on posture harness

When I tried it on I immediately noticed a difference in the way I was standing. The construction was fairly comfortable, and made of Neoprene. The arm holes did become mildly uncomfortable after a few minutes. There were little pads attached to the straps that I think were supposed to go into the arm pits to counteract this discomfort.

Overall the design was not very attractive. It looks a little medical and "orthopedic", so it is not something I would want to wear in public. I would definitely not want to wear it to work or school, which is where I probably do most of my slouching. I am curious how the basic components of this could be redesigned to fit my concept.

Revisiting the Form

While I was originally really interested in asymmetry, I decided to revisit my design keeping the posture harness in mind. It seems the straps would need to go around both armpits and connect in the back.

Other posture harnesses found on

I started by outlining a new shape with thin ribbon on a dress form. One thing I really liked about this design was that the coin purse fit onto the chest really well. I could imagine this being a good place a needle book or pocket.

After I created the lines I liked, I traced the shapes onto muslin. I moved from muslin to felt. I thought the felt might help me get a slight sense of how the leather will lay. I sewed the pieces together, but left the front seams open so I could try it on. I also wanted to try this out for the closure location.

Just as a shape I find this very interesting. While I was hesitant to adapt the symmetrical design, I think there are a lot of ways I could continue to push this. One big improvement will be breaking this into smaller parts connected with buckles and rivets.

I haven't put a lot of thought into the back yet. This design is very simple and rough. I don't want to place too much on the back because it is less accessible. The design of the back should serve the posture correction functionality, but I am also hoping to make something really elegant.