Prototyping Wearable Utility (part 4)

I wanted to get started working with leather as soon as possible, so I started by finalizing some parts of the form. I was mostly happy with the front, but not the back. Previously it was just an "x" across the back in one piece, but I really wanted to make something elegant.

I started by pinning the front pieces to the dress form and tried different ways to connect the back. I continued with my technique of "drawing out" some lines on the dress form with ribbon. In order for the garment to work as a posture correcting harness the top back piece needed to connect to the waist and around the arms.

I was fairly unhappy with my first attempts, so I started looking around for more inspiration. I chose a racer back design because there was something athletic about it.

To connect the arms, I tried to create a nice line intersecting the larger piece. I'm not sure how much tension there needs to be for the garment to correct posture, but I think this strap across the back could attach to the shoulders with adjustable buckles.

As I worked I remade the felt pieces out neoprene fabric, which was even closer to the feeling of leather because of it's weight. This also allowed me to start thinking about where to place closures and seams.

I was really happy with how this version turned out, but I still see room for iteration.

I started adding some notions to it thinking about different ways I could start incorporating them. I found some kilt pins online that looked like a good option for attaching spools of thread, and I started playing with magnets to attach tools to the belt, but they seemed too weak, and there was a danger that the tools could be easily knocked off. I am still thinking about using magnets embedded in the harness to help keep tools in place, but only along with pockets or straps.