Homemade Hardware Final Proposal

For my final project I would like to make a connected row counter for knitting.

Current Row Counters

Analog stitch counter analog stitch counters

Digital digital stitch counter

digital stitch counters


For the form factor of this device, I am using looking at markers for inspiration. Stitch markers need to be small and lightweight. They often clip on to the work, or just slide between the needles like a slip stitch.

different types of stitch markers


  • RFduino - Microcontroller & Bluetooth module
  • Button for adding rows - Digital input
  • Button for checking current row - Digital input
  • Neopixel indicates row
  • CR2032 (coin cell battery) - power
  • CR2032 Holder
  • Capacitor - decoupling
  • Resistors - pull down resistors for buttons