Prototyping the System

This week I started to step back and look at the larger picture of how my project would come together. I started sketching out a diagram of the full system, and getting a better sense for the placement of all the components. While I think I have a good idea of where the main components should go, I am still figuring out how to handle the battery and charger. This diagram could definitely shift once I start putting it together.

Cyberknitics Design System


Once I was certain the components worked together, I started building the next version of my prototype which would start to take into account the final spacing of component. The Teensy and the Teensy Audio Adaptor Board usually stack, but I would like a fairly low profile for my circuit, so I plan to use them as two separate pieces. This means figuring out exactly which pins are needed for them to work together.

Diagram of Teensy Audio Adaptor Board to Teensy connections from the PJRC product page

For some reason, I thought it would be easiest to start by making myself a schematic in Eagle. I was wrong. This was a headache, but is was not for nothing. I will end up using this later for my board design. Eventually, I just drew a little sketch and began soldering.

Eagle schematic

Wiring proto-boards for lower profile prototype

Teensy + Audio Board + Charger + On/Off Button

Connected the glove, and it works!

I used PTSM connectors and silicon stranded wire to attach the accelerometer/gyro. So far I am very happy with how this looks and feels. I have ordered more of these connectors in different sizes and in surface mount versions for the final board design. The next step is to make this wearable.