Thesis Idea Update


I have chosen to proceed with my thesis as a wearable form. I plan to make a leather harness-like arm piece that extends from the hand to the shoulder, and possibly across the chest and upper back. The piece will still provide musical feedback based on the movement of knitting, but the experience is more personal. The new form factor becomes more integrated into the identity of the wearer, and allows for discussion about what it means to be a crafter/maker and what it will mean in the future.

Instead of detecting the movement of knitting in the needle it will detect it in the hand. This should be more accurate because the knitter will continually be knitting with one hand, but the needles will alternate positions. This also seems better for consistency with the gyro since the needles will be prone to rotate.

The speaker will be contained within the shoulder or collar directed at the ear of the wearer. I see this as more of a personal experience for the wearer because the music can be very quiet, they can even knit in public with this since it is more portable.

New Challenges

I will need to change some of the components I planned to use to better fit in the wearable design. I wanted to place a Raspberry Pi in the yarn bowl, but now I am looking at smaller options that require less power. I also need to consider how to power my garment, how to charge it, and how to turn it off and on.

I do like the idea that this garment could be fully portable, so I am considering how to add a compartment for yarn. This also means I would want to add a way to carry works in progress.

Since my concept is more complex now, it is much more challenging to articulate it. I am relying heavily on visual design to bring my narrative to life.

Visual Design

I see this as a speculative design that explores the future of the crafter. For the visual design of this project I am drawing inspiration from images of the future in sci-fi and pop culture. While I am personally a big fan of this genre, I am also critical of it, especially the focus on weaponry and the over-sexualized images of women and woman-like androids.

I hope to evoke power and confidence. I would like to show reverence for the craft, and foster the wearer's connection to it.

mood board

My revised mood board