Weaving Proposal

I am proposing a series of tapestries that chronicle the history of computing. My recent research explores the loom as an ancestor of the computer. I will collect artifacts (circuit boards and components) from the era of personal computing, and enshrine each machines in its own tapestry. I will hand-weave these tapestries on simple frame looms, which seem primitive in comparison to the highly mechanized Jacquard Loom. As well, the computers will be "outdated" compared to recent design innovations. I hope to reveal the inherent beauty of craftsmanship, while encouraging the audience to position themselves in the cannon of technological innovation.

iconic mac computer

I will use natural fibers such as wool, cotton, and silk to frame and envelop the circuitry. The colors and forms will be inspired by the machines themselves, their interfaces, and logos.

During my recent research on tapestry weaving I experimented with adding found circuit boards to my weaving. For the past two weeks I worked on this tapestry as a proof of concept. Though I pulled these boards from a variety of electronics, I think the work could benefit from more meaningful board choices. I want the tapestry to tell the story of the machines they come from.


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