Woven Circuit

This week in Wearable Tech Design we were asked to weave a circuit. I chose to take this literally because I have been thinking for a while about different ways to integrate circuitry into my woven tapestries.

I started by threading my loom so that every other warp thread was conductive. I used the Adafruit 3-ply conductive thread. The remaining threads were my usual cotton twine. I attached the LEDs across two of the conductive threads. Since the lines were alternating power and ground I could connect the LEDs across any two, which gave me a lot of freedom with placement.

I connected all the power lines and ground lines across the top of the tapestry by sewing conductive thread through a piece of Neoprene. It was a challenge to make sure I didn't create any shorts. This is definitely the part I would rethink in future iterations.

I wanted to create an interaction with the piece so I left the bottom of the circuit open. I added resistive conductive thread to some tassels. Based on the movement of the tapestry the connections become stronger or weaker. This creates a twinkling effect.